Providing security in facilities located far away from the control center significantly increases the durability and reliability of the system. Control of distributed infrastructure (e.g. energy, telecommunications, network, gas, etc.) requires continuous real-time monitoring, including the reception and remote management of alarms. CHOMGUARD® monitoring of infrastructure system combines features of access control, intrusion and robbery signalling and environmental monitoring systems. A comprehensive solution significantly increases the speed of reaction to alarm events, as well as the possibility of troubleshooting.


Visualization of events is the advanced function of the system, allowing for full management of security devices located in each location. An object designation in graphical form allows you to present the schematic on one screen. The application shows events on the computer monitor in real time and triggers user-defined actions. Recorded event information, display graphical information – by dynamically changing icons and displaying detailed information about the alarm in a separate window with the procedure. In the case of an alarm event, as well as when the monitored parameters exceed the acceptable range, a message and detailed information about the event are displayed. The program monitors the speed of the user’s reaction to an alarm event and in case of prolonged non-response it can send information about the alarm to other units.


Monitoring of environmental conditions in distributed facilities directly affects the safety and reliability of the teletechnical infrastructure. Remote transmission of measurement and control data allows to create a coherent system that collects, processes and visualizes the provided information, as well as being able to detect and warn about potential threats. Precise measurement of physical data has the benefit of reducing equipment maintenance and maintenance costs. Areas that require optimal conditions to be maintained are under constant monitoring of many parameters, such as: temperature, pressure, humidity, smoke, power failure, burglary alarm, access control, etc.